Hello Readers! And Welcome to The Quarter Life Closet. I have always loved fashion, even as a little girl, I would play dress up in my closet for hours. Much to my Mom’s dismay, most of my items would cover the floor of my room as I twirled in front of the mirror. Though those days are long behind me, getting dressed is still my favorite part of the day.  

When I began my first year of law school in the fall of 2011, I felt unsure about the direction of my life, the typical quarter-life crisis scenario. I started my blog as a mental escape from my studies and I have found that it is more than just a creative outlet… it is my true passion.  I dedicate this blog to my Grandmother Frances who passed away in May 2012. My Grandmother was a true fashionista who made shopping a sport. It is in my Grandmother’s memory that I carry on not just her love of clothes, but also her love of family and life.  So welcome to my little corner of the universe and thank you for following along!

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