Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall Color Crush: Blush + Aubergine

Fall: Blush + Aubergine

1. Sunglasses
2. Culottes
3. Sweater
4. Hat
5. Moto Jacket
5. Belt
7. Boots 
8. Skirt
9. Bag
10. Jeans

Pastels are a huge trend for fall. My favorite pastel of the season is without a doubt blush. While shopping in Miami this past week, blush caught my eye at every store I ascended upon. As I was styling my dressing room ensemble in Club Monaco, I came to a Fall dressing epiphany with the beautiful little belt shown above. I realized that Aubergine and oxblood look amazing with the the soft and feminine tone of blush. This combo provides outfit impact that I just can't get enough of. To really get creative, try mixing things up a bit by pairing a flowy aubergine culotte with a blush moto-jacket. I love how the sweet color looks on a traditionally edgy piece. Am I the only one getting excited for fall now? I hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you for reading. 

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  1. These colors look great together! Great picks ;)



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